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22 minutes

What if events belong together in some way? And how do you share information across events? Well, just use the event groups! Learn all about group structure, inheritance and how to override it. You will also see how to use repeated events and time schedules in a more powerful way.

  • Contents:
    • Some concepts: group structure, children and their parent, and inheritance
    • Demonstration: focus, selecting events and groups, creating and disbanding groups, inheritance, how to override inheritance, repeated events, and time schedules
  • Goal: After this session, you will be able to organise events into groups and share information across them. You will understand the principle of inheritance and how to override it. Moreover, you will know how event groups make repeated events and time schedules more powerful.
  • Intended for: All new users of Yesplan. Ideally, you know your way around the calendar and you know how the event inspector works. You know what time schedules and repeated events are.