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The Event Inspectorยง

15 minutes

How do you organize all the information related to an event? With the event inspector of course! Learn all about tabs, custom data fields and their visibility in Yesplan.

  • Contents:
    • The context and the structure of the inspector
    • The visibility of tabs and fields
    • Demonstration: focus, system and custom tabs, custom data fields, the visibility of fields and tabs and how to stay up to date about an event
  • Goal: After this session, you will be able to add information to an event and find your way around the event inspector. You will understand why some information is invisible (to you) and how you can follow the updates to a particular event.
  • Intended for: All new users of Yesplan. Ideally, you know your way around the calendar and understand the role of an event’s status, profile and labels.