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Welcome to Yesplan’s online trainings. This site contains a series of trainings that help you on your way with Yesplan and that allow you to deepen your knowledge.

  • You don’t know how these online trainings work? We explain it to you in how it works.
  • How do you follow our trainings efficiently? Check out our tips!


Welcome to Yesplan§

1 training | 6 minutes

Learn how to take off with Yesplan! Everything about browsers, passwords and logging in.

Take the course ‘Welcome to Yesplan’


8 trainings | 2h02

How do you create events in Yesplan? Everything about events, time schedules, groups, the inspector… And also learn some tricks!

Take the course ‘Events’


3 trainings | 37 minutes

What are contacts in Yesplan? Everything about persons, links and organizations. Learn how to create, manage, search and book contacts!

Take the courses ‘Contacts’


5 trainings | 1h19

No events without resources! What are resources, how do you book and manage them? And what about the prices?

Take the cource ‘Resources’

Requesting data§

5 trainings | 1h10

You can now add data to Yesplan, but how do you request these data? Simply learn how to generate dataviews and reports!

Take the course ‘Requesting Data’


3 trainings | 1h20m

Learn about Yesplan’s System Settings and custom data!

Take the ‘Administration’ Course

About Online Learning§

How it works§

Text | 2 minutes

What is online learning? How do you start? And how do you use the movies?

Read how online learning works


Text | 2 minutes

Do you want to start planning events with Yesplan soon? Then read some tips to learn fast and efficiently,

Read the tips