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The Calendarยง

9 minutes

The event calendar provides an overview of all events in your organization. If you understand how the calendar works, you can easily organize events in Yesplan.


Yesplan’s date picker has been redesigned in Yesplan 28:

  • It has a new look and feel.
  • You can navigate to today’s date in one click by clicking “Pick Today”.
  • In the date picker, you can navigate to the present month if you click “Go to Current Month”.
  • Contents:
    • The concept of the calendar
    • Dates: date decoration and navigation
    • Locations: move, hide and make visible
    • Location sets
    • Focus of the calendar when logging in
  • Goal: This training shows you how to navigate the calendar and change its appearance.
  • Target audience: All new users of Yesplan, irrespective of their computer skills.