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Advanced Dataviewsยง

22 minutes

A deep plunge into dataviews, with a detailed discussion of fields, parameters and the Boolean operators “AND” and “OR”.


Since Yesplan 28, it is possible to display the value of a custom data field for contacts in one single dataview column, regardless of the contact type (person, organization or contact link). This is also true for the booking of a contact. See custom data fields on contacts in the Yesplan manual for more information.

  • Contents:
    • Introduction
    • Fields of dataviews for events, events and event groups, contacts and resource bookings
    • Filters: parameters and “AND” versus “OR”.
  • Goal: After this session, you will be able to build more advanced dataviews and you will know about some common pitfalls.
  • Intended for: All new users of Yesplan. We recommend to follow the training sessions about basic dataviews first.