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Basic Dataviewsยง

15 minutes

Using the calendar, it is sometimes hard to have an overview of fields across multiple events. However, dataviews are powerful interactive tools to create your own tables and lists of fields.


Since Yesplan 28 you can lock a dataview to prevent accidental changes. Dataviews are locked automatically if they are used in the parameter of a report. See Locking Dataviews in the Yesplan manual for more information.

  • Contents:
    • Introduction
    • Demonstration: reaching dataviews; creating dataviews; parameters; adding columns; setting filters; selecting the right fields; saving, renaming and sharing dataviews; exports to Excel.
  • Goal: After this session, you will be able to create a basic events dataview and manage it.
  • Intended for: All new users of Yesplan. We recommend to follow the training sessions about events, contacts and resources first.