Why tips?§

Online learning is a young concept. It’s pretty handy: you only need a computer with an internet connection and you can learn.

However, learning is more than just watching a movie. For instance, it is quite hard to pay attention to the screen without doing anything else. A computer can easily distract you: Facebook, emails, notifications, chats etc.

That’s why we want to give a few tips to help you follow these trainings in an efficient way.

Disable Notifications§

If you decide to learn online, it’s not a bad idea to disable your notifications for chat, email etc. That way, you remain concentrated on the modules and you are not led away to other apps.

Find a Private Place§

If you’re just working at your desk, not all colleagues will realise that you are in fact following a training.

Learn in Short Sprints§

We try to keep our modules short: no longer than twenty minutes. Nobody can watch a screen and process information for an hour.

Practise in Yesplan§

Our modules don’t contain a lot of simulations or exercises. We think you learn things by doing them.

Tip: Ask your Account Manager or Yesplan administrator where to practise in Yesplan. They will tell you which events, event groups and periods are suitable for practice.

Use the Manual§

Every module contains a link to the manual where you can read through additional information.