Online learning§

Online learning allows you to acquire knowledge or skills using the Internet. There are many ways to present online learning, but at Yesplan we have decided to produce modules with explanations, demonstrations, examples etc. We don’t use quizzes or tests because we believe that you only learn how Yesplan works if you work in Yesplan itself.

For now, one training is available:

What you need§

You need three things to watch a module:

Starting a module§

The modules won’t start playing automatically when you open a page: for every module you see a so-called splash screen. Click the “play” button to start the module.

Example of module with start screen

Every module contains a blue menu at the bottom that can be used to navigate. It contains the following buttons:

Button Action
Button: go back Go back one screen
Button: play Play
Button: pause Pause
Button: go forward Go forward one screen
Button: replay Replay
Button: replay last 30 seconds Replay last 30 seconds
Button: mute Mute
Button: unmute Unmute
Button: table of contents Knop: inhoudstafel Show/hide table of contents
Button: full screen Full screen
Button: leave full screen Leave full screen

Smart learning§

You are now ready to follow the modules. However, online learning is more than just watching movies and demonstrations. Read our tips to learn online efficiently.